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Doesnt Let You Save Videos On Iphone But On Androids. Needs A Major Update. DELETED HIGHLIGHTS, Which Was The Best Thing About IMO!

Not working with iPhone 7 in Saudi Arabia

Not working with iPhone 7 in Saudi Arabia

Not able to download

First my imo was not updating then i try uninstalling and reinstalling but now my imo is not downloading its kept showing WAITING plz help guys

5 Stars....if it worked

My family and I use this app to communicate via face chat because most of my family members dont have an iPhone. However, I will have notifications that I have "missed" a call that I never received so the person calling via IMO has to call me and tell me they were trying to imo me...sound confusing? Well it is, basically the app doesnt connect when an incoming call is coming through. The app freezes up constantly. This is a perfect alternative for androids if it worked properly.

So bad , daily update, سيء وكل يوم تحديث

سيء جداً صار وبطيء جداً وكل يوم تحديث على الفاضي So bad, and no sound when the TP ringing !


I cannot download ... can you please tell me why is that ...thanks


The program needs to be updated to not care about this program, I hope you updated until functioning properly for the iPhone 6 and Thanks

not work with ios 10

not work with ios 10

I have a problem using it

I dont know why but Ive downloaded this app to three iphones but none of them are working.. it stuck at the first thing when I have to enter my phone number

Communication partially cut

Hey, After your last update I notice that the commutation is not as clear as it use to be. I ear partial sentences and words from my caller ! Many people like me switched to IMO because of the quantity of the communication. Now IMO is starting to looks like Viber and other apps which commutation quality isnt that great. I suggest you to look in it or people might return to their old apps. Cheers,


Trying to update my imo but its not getting updated, something is wrong please advise

Not a good one.

1. This app has no setting, so you can customize it like other similar apps 2. There is no option to skip the invitation part to my contact list. No matter how many times I skip it, it would come right back 3. It is not a user friendly app. 4. Other similar apps are much better. 5. I tried several times to write a review, but each time didnt let me to submit one star review by saying that this user name has been used. So I try as many time as it takes with different names.

Apps getting hacked

Imo is getting hacked everyone!


I just spent 1 hour trying to get this on my MacBook but it doesnt can you guys make one for the Mac otherwise a good app

Use something else

Company wants to know who you are (by your phone number), who you know and communicate with (by access to contacts info) and what you say (no end to end encryption unlike some other apps). Why require access to all contacts, some who dont have the app and never agreed to have their info shared with the company? Apple allows a way to add a phone number from your contacts manually, but imo chooses not to use it. And whats up with the same useless version change notes from version to version? Thats just laziness or not wanting to keep users informed of whats going on. There are better options out there.

Bad application

So bad application its not working properly

Best app for Cuba

98% of users are Cuban :)


Powerful functionality with tiny size. Voice call quality just wow.


Really good program for calling ,,, since most are locked in our country


Can I search someone without mobile number?

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